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Montana Wolf Tags

All of the information below was obtained via a word document sent to me in an email by Tom Palmer of the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. The document was titled “Wolf Hunt News/Web Package.” Things in quotations represent direct quotes from the document.

The document was twelve pages so I pulled out what I put what I felt most people would want to know in a condensed version. If you wish to speak with the Montana FWP about obtaining the “Wolf Hunt News/Web Package” please contact them.


When are 2009 Montana Wolf Hunting Licenses available?

August 31


When does the 2009 wolf hunting season open?

September 15


What are the dates of the 2009 wolf hunting season?

  • “Sept 15–Nov 29 in early backcountry deer and elk hunting districts 150, 151, 280, and 316”
  • “Oct 25–Nov 29 in entire Wolf Management Units 1, 2 and 3”
  • “Dec 1-31, if quotas aren't met, the wolf-hunting season could be extended in specific WMUs. No more than 25 percent of the established WMU quota, however, can be harvested in December.”


How much does a wolf tag cost?

*Residents: $19

*Non-Residents: $350

*An access fee may apply.


What is the species of wolf?

Gray Wolf (Picture of Gray Wolf taken by Gary Kramer/USFWS)


Where have the wolves been removed from the list of threatened and endangered species?

Wolves were removed from the list of threatened and endangered species in Montana, Idaho, and parts of Utah, Washington, and Oregon


How many wolves are there?

End of 2008 (Montana Only): 500 wolves, 84 packs, 34 breeding pairs.

End of 2008 (Northern Rocky Mountain Region): 1,650 wolves


How many wolves can be taken?

Montana set a quota totaling 75 wolves for the three wolf management units.


Are there quotas by region?

Each of the three wolf management units (WMU) has a quota.

  • “WMU1: extends across the northern tier of Montana, the wolf harvest quota is 41, with a subquota of two in the North Fork of the Flathead River subunit.”
  • “WMU 2, a patch of southwestern Montana that stretches from Missoula south through the Bitterroot and Upper Big Hole valleys, the wolf harvest quota is 22.”
  • WMU 3, which extends across the southern tier of Montana from Dillon east to the Montana border, the wolf harvest quota is 12.


How will I know if a quota is filled?

When a wolf management unit reaches its quota, FWP will close the season upon 24-hour's notice. Hunters can call 1-800-385-7826 for the latest wolf harvest status and closure information.”


Are there reporting requirements for harvesting a wolf?

“Hunters will have strict reporting requirements. Upon the harvest of a wolf, hunters must call 1-877-FWP-WILD (1-877-397-9453) within 12 hours to file a report.”


Where can I get up-to-date information on the status of this year’s wolf harvest?

Hunters can call 1-800-385-7826 for the latest wolf harvest status and closure information.”


Where can I get more information?

You can go to the Montana FWP website at fwp.mt.gov or click on this link Montana Wolf Hunt.

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